Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Graco Symbio b 5 point essential check list

All the other Graco Symbio b testers and I are linking together to bring you our own opinions on what we consider to be the most important things when buying a new pushchair.

Choosing a pushchair can make you a little excited, well it does for me being a pramaholic, trying to find the right pushchair is the real task though and can sometimes be stressful. If you are anything like me you want it to be perfect & will seek far and wide for that perfect pushchair for your little prince/princess. Some buy because they like the look of it & forget about the practicality of it. So here you will find my 5 point essential check list when choosing a pram for.

Graco Symbio b 

The Symbio b retail price varies I suggest you shop around on average I have seen it priced around £475. So do I think it is worth it? my answer is yes I honestly do, for your money you get a seat unit that is also a carrycot so it is suitable from birth, it parent faces & world faces, not only that the handle flips over, now that you have to love. It will last you all the way through from newborn till your child does not need a pushchair. The carseat adaptors allow you to use it as a Travel system for them quick shopping trips when your baby is busy sleeping all you will need to buy separately is a Graco Logico S HP carseat. There is no need to buy another pushchair.

The Symbio b is one of the easiest pushchairs I have had in all the 12 years I have been using them, taking the seat off is very simple as is folding the frame its as simple as 1,2,3 literally, you can view my video of our Symbio b being set up with the handle flipped over to the wheels, you press button 1, pull up on lever 2 then fasten with the clip number 3. 1 & 2 can be done easily with 1 hand and I don't fasten it together with the clip I just put it in the boot handle down (which results in the wheels facing up so no more muddy boot). Unfolding is easy unclip number 3 the flip the handle up and the Symbio b opens. My husband is not that good when it comes to unfolding/folding prams and has been known to put our past pushchairs into our minibus unfolded to avoid working out how to fold them, but I am pleased to say he can fold and unfold the Symbio b.

Now it scores 10/10 for its looks its, modern, the fabric feels and looks nice it looks clean in its shape and my pet hate it does not resemble a golf trolley, everything is in proportion.

Living in the Countryside I can be limited on what I can use, we have many country lanes & plenty of rough terrain yet we also need it to be useful when shopping in our town. The Symbio b is great because with the flip of the handle its larger rear wheels easily guides it over rough terrain, and for when I am shopping I let the front swivel wheels weave in and out around the shops, my only niggle is the basket is not large enough for your shopping but I solve this by appointing my husband chief bag carrier. It easily fits into my boot but we have a 9 seater minibus with large boot space but I could easily fit it into a smaller boot like a renault megane.

I have owned quite a few Graco's and not once had a fault on any of them, but from what I have seen in response to buyers who have had faults they are always responded to quickly on Graco's facebook page. . The instruction manual is fairly easy to follow but to be honest setting up your pushchair is so easy. 

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