Tuesday, 13 March 2012

ETY-Kids5 Earphones for kids review

Mummy News sent me ETY-Kids5 Safe Listening Earphones for kids to test & review for them.

In the box you get

1 set of instructions
1 ETY-Kids5 earphones
Shirt clip
6 ear tips in 3 different types
Zipper pouch to keep them in.

They retail at around £69.80 and come with a 1 year Warranty & are for ages 4+

The idea behind the ETY-Kids 5 are to protect your children's hearing whilst they are listening to music or other audio, they cleverly limit sound output & will not go over a safe sound level ensuring your child will not damage their hearing through listening to music too loud. You can even buy custom made ear moulds.

They are really good we tested them out on our son who is almost 4 & they fitted him lovely, they are designed to blot out background noise, meaning a safe volume is ok for listening. They easily fit into his ears and are easy to fit he said they feel comfortable & he happily left them in for a while whilst playing on our laptop. Myself & my husband compared them to normal earphones & we both noticed that the sound was not as harsh in the ETY-Kids5 earphones yet they maintained great sound quality. The pouch is very handy because every parent will know when you have small things they tend to get lost especially when out in the car, the pouch is nice & compact & just the right size for carrying around your earphones when they are not in use.

They can be used for listening to music on a laptop, ipod, MP3 players, portable games & DVDs and many more, the Gold Plated 3.5mm 3-conductor plug will fit into most devices.

I would recommend these because our child's safety is very important & often hearing is overlooked, the damgae is normally done over a period of time & will effect them in later life but the ETY-kids5 earphones are not only safe for your child but very easy to use.

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