Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Brit Mums Live 2012 Meet & Greet

So this year I will be attending my first ever Blogging Conference (little giddy dance)

I will be Travelling to London with my husband, mother in law & my youngest two children(the 3 eldest are staying with Nanna so they don't miss school) Whilst I am having fun with all you lovely bloggers my babies will be sight seeing with Daddy & Nanna.

This is Moi with my gorgeous boys 

So far I am not sponsored so I am doing it alone :) (independent woman moment)

Name: Joanne


Twitter ID: @mummy2five1 

Height: 5ft 4

Hair: All my own :) dye free dark brown, quite long, usually scraped back for mummy duties but will be let  loose for the event.  

Eyes: Brown & I am told they are big

Likes: Family time, coffee, blogging, talking, photography, baking, did I mention coffee, getting creative, the countryside, & more coffee.

Dislikes: Fake people, dishonesty, cleaning, cooking, my teeth, being skinny, I could go on & on but will leave it there.

This is my meet & greet I look forward to seeing you all. 

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