Saturday, 31 March 2012

At Peace -The Gallery

This weeks Gallery theme is At Peace

For me At Peace means the ocean, I love hearing waves crashing down on the shore, whenever I go abroad, every evening when all is quiet you will find me sat on the beach just listening to the waves, sadly it is very rare we get to do this. I find it so relaxing and peaceful. Here in the U.K I don't get to sit by the sea at night time but Rhyl on a cold day can be just as quiet, yes its not as picturesque but if you close your eyes it sounds the same.

These are my favourite images I have of sitting listening to the waves crashing down.


  1. Love that last shot. Raw and cold, but therapeutic being blown about in that salty air!!

  2. Fab photo's, really fab :-)

  3. Oh wow! I love your pictures, they're amazing. My pics are also of the sea - but none like this.