Saturday, 18 February 2012


This week Graco announced who the lucky 5 testers were that get to test the Graco Symbio b, I am very pleased to announce I am 1 of the lucky 5. I could hardly contain my excitement at being chosen because I have been a Graco user for almost 12 years. All of my 5 children have had a Graco pushchair at some point, some have used more than one. I have used Graco because they are sturdy, reliable pushchairs & all of my children have had plenty of room in the seats. Over the 12 years I have owned 7 Graco pushchairs & my latest  is a Graco Quattro Tour deluxe, I am using this for my little girl & was also my 4th child's pushchair.

My 1st ever Graco 
Graco Voyager

My latest Graco
Graco Quattro Tour deluxe

Monday 18th February our Symbio b is arriving 

Keep your eyes on my blog to find out all about the Graco Symbio b

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