Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bringing out my Crafty side

Most mums use a nursing pillow to feed their babies, so most mums will know how many times they end up having to wash the nursing pillow cushion cover & occasionally the cushion itself. I didn't mind washing the cover constantly but the cushion was a bit of a nightmare to wash & dry because whilst it was drying I had no cushion, this is when I thought I could put my sewing machine to good use. I wandered off to my local craft shop looking for material  unfortunately nothing on the roll jumped out at me, so I went to look at their duvet cover section, I found a single duvet cover for £7.99 Bargain I could make at least 4 nursing pillow covers out of it.

Back home I made a template of the nursing pillow using squared paper(found in most craft stores) and set about chopping up my duvet cover. I pinned my template to the material and cut around it leaving at least 1cm
and did the same for the back only this side I had to make it in 2 pieces to allow for the cover to be removable.

I decided to add polar fleece to the front part of the cover so this protects the nursing pillow underneath resulting in less washes for the pillow, polar fleece is excellent for repelling liquid.

once I had cut the polar fleece I sewn it to the top part of the cover

I then hemmed the edges of the 2 pieces for the back where the flap would be allowing the cover to be removed. I pinned the 3 pieces together(make sure your material is inside out) and sewn around edge using the polar fleece as a guide. 

once it was sewn all around I tied off the thread, trimmed the excess material and turned it inside out and inserted the pillow.

my nursing pillow cover 

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