Friday, 27 January 2012

What a week!

Well this week has be manic for us starting with Monday morning, and a quick dash to a last minute appointment for Miss Drama Queen to be assessed by cahms, then little man had an appointment for his ears which turns out to be an infection in both, she has requested to see him again in 2 weeks to follow up on it because there is a family history of ear problems. Tuesday we was out all day shopping, Wednesday was full of cleaning, Thursday my husband had a dental appointment that he was dreading, and Mr human wrecking ball had his appointment with his specialist for ADHD, he has grown an inch, and put on 5lb so his medication now goes up to 15mg thankfully he has lasted on 10mg since he was diagnosed so he has done really well to manage on such a small dose. The specialist thinks he will be ok on 15mg rather than 20mg so I have to put his prescription in as soon as I receive the letter from him so the chemist has time to order the 5mg capsules because apparently they are new out!. Last night was full of drama because Mr human wrecking ball kicked a balloon, and managed to catch little man in the mouth causing his gums to bleed, and in the process managed to slice his own foot, the gash it quite large considering it was caused by catching little man's teeth, and we are keeping a close eye on him because one of his obsessions is opening wounds to watch them bleed. We have had to keep him off school today because it looks quite sore, and his school shoe would of made it worse, sadly this means he has missed out on playing his part in the opening ceremony for his schools new hydro-pool which I am quite gutted about. Tonight my brother and his lovely fiancĂ©e come down for the weekend to celebrate what would of been my dads 68th birthday so I imagine it will be an emotional one. I am also full of a cold so barking more than a guard dog at the minute, and I think my baby girl and my hubby are also starting with it so no doubt this one will be passed around us all. I hope next week will be calm, well as calm as you can get with 5 children in the house.

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