Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thomas & his hair cutting Quirks

Thomas is in desperate need of a haircut, I fear I may lose him under his every growing head of hair! But the hairdressers is closed till Friday. If it was anyone of the other kids it wouldn't matter I would just take them to a different hairdresser to have it cut, but because of Thomas's condition he hates change, not many hairdressers will understand his quirks. We have to prepare him for a hair cut, we have to ensure he is medicated so is relatively calm, as calm as a child with ADHD can be anyway!. Then it has to be his Dad that takes him & not me  because he is far worse if I am with him. Once at the hairdressers he needs constant reassurance that getting a hair cut won't hurt him, the hairdresser must say about 20 times that it won't hurt. Then he has to be able to touch the graders himself to check they are not hot, once he is satisfied only then can the hair cutting begin. The hairdresser then has to be on guard for random head movement from him or him throwing his hands up to his head (I don't want him to lose a finger like his dad). All in all it must take a good 30 minutes  just to get his hair cut. We go through this every single time, normally he is taken on a midweek day when he is on school holidays so we know he will be able to be medicated, and the hairdressers won't be busy!.
I think this week he will have to have it chopped on a Saturday and just hope that the hairdressers is empty.

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