Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Resolutions-break or keep them?

New year brings new Resolutions, but do you keep them? I admit I am totally rubbish, I either break them or don't bother to make them. This year however I have made one that I intend to keep, the resolution I made is not not become a mummy2six by creating another little person, the reasons why-

1 Because having five children is more than enough.
2 We have no room, ok so I could make room but it would be a squeeze
3 I eventually want to be able to go on holiday when I wish, not when the school holidays decide
4 My blog is mummy2five so it would work haha

Now this is going to be really hard to keep because I get broody just at the thought of babies let alone setting my broody eyes on one, Get sterilised I hear you say.....sound so simple doesn't it....Wrong! I am petrified of having an operation and I know It will just make me want another even more.
Sending the hubby for the snip is out of the question too, he tells me he is going out with everything intact and with every part that he came in with.....I think he forgets he has lost about 2cm of 1 finger!

So I am left with willpower alone to keep this my big 2012 New Year Resolution.
Do you intend to keep all you Resolutions this year?

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