Monday, 16 January 2012

DAY 16 16th January

Kobi doing what a springer does best, sniffing & entering dense bushes! my husband this morning informed me that the dog was going insane last night trying to get at whatever was lurking in the bushes in my back garden. My back garden is pitch black at night unless the moon is high in the sky so he could not see a thing. This morning when Kobi went out for his morning business he headed straight to the bushes & was circling them trying to get in, I have been out with a torch but can't see anything and he managed to get so far in to investigate. I suspect it was a hedgehog because a fox would of tried to protect itself & what ever it was has now left because Kobi had his nose to the ground scent tracking all over my garden.


  1. My dog really went mad at a hedgehog last year...he kept nosing it but he didn't hurt it. Think it was too spiky for him ;-) You have one cute dog there!

  2. Thank you, I think an hedgehog would hurt him more that he hurt the hedgehog