Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Through his eyes

Every Parent would like to know what the world looks like through the eyes of their child, I think for parents to a special needs child this desire runs a little deeper. To see, think, hear, and feel what our children do would allow us to understand a little about their world. My son finds it very difficult to do the simplest task such as, sit at a desk at school and copy the alphabet on paper, this at the age of 10 would be simple to a child without special needs, but to a child with ADHD it is no simple task. What is it that stops him from completing the task? what is more interesting our of the classroom window? or why would pinging a ruler on his desk grab his attention more?, the answers I will never fully understand because I am not him.
    Creative play, now this you would think any child would love, whether it be painting or using a variety of tools to mark make, but for my son he gets completely nothing out of doing this at home. He would show interest to begin with but after about one minute he would shrug his shoulders, screw up his nose, shake his head, then walk away. When asked if he wants to play he shakes his head and looks at me like I am crazy.
    There is two things that I know for sure that really excites him, objects that spin and balloons. One of his favourites is a spinning top, he could spend hours spinning and watching a spinning top so much so that he has broken a fair few of them.He gets so absorbed by the spinning object in front of him that nothing around him matters, he will pound the handle up and down so hard and fast that it causes the metal inside to get hot then snap, this is how he has broken every one of them that we have bought. All I see is a toy that spins, after a while I am bored of watching it, not him though, he gets huge sensory gratification from watching it. I would love to see and think what he does whilst the spinning top is whizzing around, merging all its colours into one big blur. Balloons are another favourite of his, I think I could practically get him to do anything in exchange for a balloon he loves them that much. The balloon has to be deflated though! a blown up, tied balloon just does not do it for him. When he has a balloon to inflate he becomes so fixated on it that he forgets everything, he is flying free in his own world. Time and time again he will blow it up then release the air allowing it to blow over his face, he will repeat this until the balloon waves its little white flag and punctures itself ( ok so it pops but the 1st description runs through my head when he plays with a balloon), we then have a very upset boy to deal with, for this reason we don't give them to him that often.
I surrender 
Trying to explain things is another thing he finds extremely difficult, the words are there but they don't cooperate with him. You can see the concentration in his eyes whilst he is trying to give a description of what he wants, sometimes we can figure it out, other times we fail(this is where it would be really useful to know what he is thinking). A fine example of his explanation is below

 off school again with a migraine, after a pain killer and migraine strip it eventually goes without him being sick, so then he was bouncing off the walls until he asked for a DVD this is how the conversation went.

T.     I want the one with horses in
ME. which one?
T.     the one with brown horses in, the horses are brown
ME.  a lot of films have brown horses in!
T.     they have a tail and a fat belly
ME.  (giggling) what else is in it?
T.     the horse has legs
ME.  ok horses do have legs!
T.     they run like this on the sand (shows me how they run)
Me . and what else?
Repeated over the last bit a few times then
T.     there is water and trees, they run on the grass!
T.    The horse has grass on its tail
ME. Are there any people in it?
T.    yes blue people and red people
ME. are they children or adults?
T.    there is two boys and two girls
ME. I need to know more is there a lion in it?
T     oh you’re not listening to me the one with the brown horses, that are brown, with a     fat belly, has legs, and the horse has arms.
ME  *thinking what the hell! all I could come up with is narnia prince Caspian
So   I shown him clips of the film
T.     yes that’s it
ME.  I get the DVD out of the case
T.     Nooooo mum not that one, that has three boys and two girls..off he went giggling

He had given up, curled up on the sofa with his d.s and has not mentioned it since. I am still none wiser to which DVD he wanted but I’m 98% certain it was Narnia Prince Caspian.

This is pretty much how any description he gives goes. It takes a while but nine times out of ten we get to what he wants resulting in him being happy and that is all that matters. So if anyone ever figures out how to see the world through his eyes please do share with me.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30 30th January

Can you believe it's day 30 already?

friends come in all shapes & sizes
these have been my friend over the weekend & no doubt over the next week too

Day 29 29th January

Amazing what a lump of clay can do to 4 children

Day 28 28th January

my image today is my cheeky cat Shadow all snuggled up in my brother and sister-in-laws duvets

Friday, 27 January 2012

What a week!

Well this week has be manic for us starting with Monday morning, and a quick dash to a last minute appointment for Miss Drama Queen to be assessed by cahms, then little man had an appointment for his ears which turns out to be an infection in both, she has requested to see him again in 2 weeks to follow up on it because there is a family history of ear problems. Tuesday we was out all day shopping, Wednesday was full of cleaning, Thursday my husband had a dental appointment that he was dreading, and Mr human wrecking ball had his appointment with his specialist for ADHD, he has grown an inch, and put on 5lb so his medication now goes up to 15mg thankfully he has lasted on 10mg since he was diagnosed so he has done really well to manage on such a small dose. The specialist thinks he will be ok on 15mg rather than 20mg so I have to put his prescription in as soon as I receive the letter from him so the chemist has time to order the 5mg capsules because apparently they are new out!. Last night was full of drama because Mr human wrecking ball kicked a balloon, and managed to catch little man in the mouth causing his gums to bleed, and in the process managed to slice his own foot, the gash it quite large considering it was caused by catching little man's teeth, and we are keeping a close eye on him because one of his obsessions is opening wounds to watch them bleed. We have had to keep him off school today because it looks quite sore, and his school shoe would of made it worse, sadly this means he has missed out on playing his part in the opening ceremony for his schools new hydro-pool which I am quite gutted about. Tonight my brother and his lovely fiancĂ©e come down for the weekend to celebrate what would of been my dads 68th birthday so I imagine it will be an emotional one. I am also full of a cold so barking more than a guard dog at the minute, and I think my baby girl and my hubby are also starting with it so no doubt this one will be passed around us all. I hope next week will be calm, well as calm as you can get with 5 children in the house.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

DAY 27 27th January

Boys will be Boys

I am not quite sure if my week could get any worse
the latest drama is Mr human wrecking balls foot! he kicked a balloon and managed to hit little man in his mouth causing his gums to bleed and actually cutting his own foot in the process! Its quite a deep cut, the bleeding has stopped for now so hopefully won't need stitches.

I can't wait for this week to be over 

Monday, 23 January 2012

DAY 23 23rd January

nope I don't want to sleep!


This morning I was sat happily waiting for a phone call, sipping my morning coffee (3rd coffee of the day more like). The all important phone call I was waiting on was from a Triage nurse at my Dr's to check if my 3 years old son who has spent the past two nights in pain really needs an appointment. Why they do this I don't know I would not phone for an appointment if I really didn't need one, who would want to spend up to 1 hour in  a waiting room full of cougher's and sniffler's to waste a DR's time? Not me that's for sure!. 
Any plans I mentally made for today got thrown out the window after the phone jumped into action, the call was not from the Triage nurse, it was from CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health service) they had called to tell me an appointment (they are like gold dust) had become available, and it was ours if we wanted it, I asked when it was for...not that it mattered, She responded with "Now" "we'll take it" was my response.
We had to get there within 1 hour, in that time I had to arrange a babysitter for my youngest 2(1st port of call my Mother in law aka super nan), Pack all the things the 2 little terrors need, Drop the youngest 2 off at super nan's, Ring back the Dr's to ask them to call my mother-in-laws house instead, collect miss Drama Queen from school which took ages because they couldn't find her!, The journey alone would take 29 minutes to pick up Miss Drama Queen, drop off the 2 terrors then get to the hospital......so what should they be doing right outside the hospital on the day that I don't need delays? Roadworks! they had turned a busy road into a temporary one way system causing mayhem!.  Trying to find a parking space at the hospital is an achievement in itself, we made it with about 2 minutes to spare. 
A lady greeted us at the door smiled, and said "don't worry everyone has been late today" did I look that bad? I must of had that rushed off the feet look. Once we signed ourselves in I was finally able to sit down and write down everything I wanted to get across to the CAMHS team. Once we was directed into the room the questions began, 60 minutes later we emerged from our little room clutching some questionnaires to fill out and return, that was it the first part of our journey to getting miss Drama Queen assessed was done!.
Waiting for an appointment for CAMHS can take anything up to 3 years in some areas, because they deal with many disorders such as Psychosis, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),Post Traumatic Stress Disorders just to name a few, so we are very very lucky that in all it took us 3 months. I will be following up on our journey to getting miss Drama Queen diagnosed or not as the case could be.
I have not revealed what was said during the meeting to protect my daughter but should you want to know more about the process I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

DAY 22 22nd January

Rhian sporting her home made dribble bib turned out OK considering my sewing skills are none existent 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Review Cornish Daisy Ocean Polka Dot bib

Cornish Daisy

I was very lucky as I won a competition on Cornish Daisy's Facebook Page to name a new bib design. Four names were short listed , and the winner was chosen by votes on the Cornish Daisy website. Luckily my name suggestion of Ocean Polka Dot won which means I can proudly say I named a bib, and I received one as a prize. So in this post I shall tell you my thoughts on this lovely product.

Rhian showing off her new bib

The outer layer of the bib is made using 100%  stretch jersey absorbent cotton that has a lovely soft feel to it so is comfortable around your babies neck, the inner layer is made using fleece which is breathable but liquid resistant, and like the outer layer feels really soft. The design of this bib means the inner of the bib sits snugly on your baby, and the outer layer works with a cowl effect doubling the absorbency, yet still allowing air to pass between the two layers which aids the evaporation of liquid.  The bib is blue in colour with white Polka dots, and beautiful yellow stitching. The dribble bib will fit a newborn to 2 years and fastens using a safe resin fastener. Rhian is teething at the moment which makes the dribble bib perfect for protecting her clothes, and delicate baby soft skin. You can buy the bibs direct from Cornish Daisy for £5.99, ours came extremely quickly, and was beautifully packed in its own organza bag complete with care instructions for your new bib. Cornish Daisy bibs are superbly hand made by a SAHM of four with the help of her mum in a studio on her smallholding in rural Cornwall. Cornish Daisy are doing great things by living, and working as green as they can, below you can see what they do to accomplish this. 

  •  Our house and domestic hot water are heated by wood and solar thermal. My studio is heated by a wood burner.
  •  The fuel for the woodburners is produced in our own coppiced woodland.
  •  We are proposing to install photo voltaic to make our electrical consumption as carbon neutral as possible.
  •  Our water is from a borehole and our liquid waste is biologically digested onsite.
  •  We source materials where possible from UK manufacturers and all fabric offcuts etc are recycled for use by local playgroups and schools.
beautiful soft outer fabric

soft inner fleece with lovely stitching

The bibs come in a range of beautiful trendy colours, and will go with your babies outfits they come in colours suitable for boys, girls, and unisex.You can also buy some of the bibs with a fleece blanket to match as a gift set for £15.99.

I would highly recommend these bibs, if your baby dribbles you definitely need a Cornish Daisy dribble bib in your life. The bib absorbs well and keeps any liquid away from my babies clothes or skin. The bibs also dry very quickly.

visit Cornish Daisy's website to see all the beautiful colours available.
each bib is £5.99 you can follow Cornish daisy on Facebook and twitter to keep updated on all the new designs and offers they have.

DAY 21 21st January

on such a dull wet miserable day, beauty is still around us!

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky

Friday, 20 January 2012

DAY 20 20th January

Today I picked up 16 fat quarters of material, and 2 iron on motifs now what to do with them?
I could make dribble bibs or a pillow, I could even cover some picture frames hmmm.....

share your ideas what would you do?

P.S I totally ban you from laughing at whatever I do go on to create.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

book review ADHD The essential Guide by Diane Paul

Mummy News sent me the following to review
ADHD The essential Guide by Diane Paul

Diane Paul has won awards from the BMA for her books, she has run an educational publishing company with an emphasis on special needs, and has workshopped with special needs children.
The book is broken down into 14 sections over 145 pages Paperback copy polished in 2012 by Need2Know, it’s also available in accessible formats for the visually impaired, large print edition and ebook.

Diane covers the misconception that ADHD was caused by bad parenting , and goes on to tell us that they have found the neural wiring in the brain tends to be different in ADHD sufferers. Diane touches on the fact that many cases go undiagnosed. She talks about the difficulties she faced in trying to research this disorder in her quest to gather as much information in order to write this book.
A huge list has been compiled of possible disorders that show similar signs to the signs of ADHD, Some of them can co-exist. Beside each disorder is a brief description of what that disorder is.
Diane explains how ADHD is detected and covers the History of ADHD. In this chapter she talks of famous people who may or may not have suffered with ADHD.
CHAPTER TWO - Signs and Symptoms
A list of symptoms to look for along with a symptom check list. What to look for in children of different ages. Diane covers the different types of this disorder and certain characteristics that a child with ADHD might have.
CHAPTER THREE - What do we do next?
A guide to the process you will need to go through in order to get your child a diagnosis. In this chapter there is a list of all specialist that you might come across on your path to diagnosis beside each specialist is their job description. Diane gives realistic time scales on waiting time to get your child up to the testing stage and goes into detail of other disorders that the tests can show up.
CHAPTER FOUR - What causes ADHD?
This chapter covers all the possible causes of ADHD and what research has been carried out.
CHAPTER FIVE - The Ritalin Controversy
A list of medication used to treat children with ADHD along with a list of the most common medication. You will find a list of possible side effects that comes with certain medication and covers the NICE (national institute for clinical excellence) Guidelines
CHAPTER SIX - Talking Therapies and Alternatives
This section covers other Therapies that can be used, and tells you about alternative therapies and what research has been done on these.
CHAPTER SEVEN - You are what you Eat
Possible ways to improve your child’s behaviour by eliminating certain foods that contain salicylates and additives. What food colourings and preservatives do to your food and which common foods contain E numbers that are best avoided. What foods are great for supplementing your child’s diet. In this chapter the differences in a nutritionist and a dietician are explained.
CHAPTER EIGHT - Support from your School
Covers what to do if your child’s school is unsupportive, and the roles of the teachers and SENCO. It tells you about the SEN code of practice. A guide of how to get your child a statement of special education needs, and what to do if this is refused.
CHAPTER NINE – Family Support
This chapter tell you what support networks are available and the importance of the. A guide on what is needed to set up your own support group. Parental training that will help deal with your child’s disorder. At the end of this chapter you will find the lists of benefits that you could be entitled to should your child receive a diagnosis.

Chapter TEN – Transition into Adulthood
What steps will need to be taken to ease your child into adulthood, and tips for an easier working life. In this section it briefly covers symptoms in adults with this disorder.
At the end of each chapter the author summarises each chapter
There is an impressive list of websites, contacts and supports groups
There is a list of other useful books 
Throughout the whole book there is quotes one of my favourites is “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle” Albert Einstein
Being a mum to a child that has ADHD, and one waiting assessment, I found this book full of useful, correct information. I discovered many things that I did not know about the disorder and other similar disorders. Nobody on my son’s specialist team has ever discussed changing my son’s diet so this section was enlightening. 
The author has achieved what she set out to write which is a guide to ADHD it is pact with information, and facts.
I recommend this book to people who suspect a child has ADHD, going through the diagnoses process or has been diagnosed. Other people who may find this useful is teachers or people wishing to learn more on the disorder.

DAY 19 19th January

Rhian learning to read, I love her cheeky smile.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

DAY 18 18th January

as there seems to be posts galore on eyes today my picture for today is my 3 year old sons eye lashes, they are so long I am jealous.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

DAY 17 17th January

Meet Shadow our cheeky tom cat, we rescued him from a shelter almost 3 years ago when he was only 12 weeks old, so far we have nursed him through cat flu, an ulcer behind his eye and a damaged tail that we still don't know what caused it. £100's later here he is doing what cats do best relaxing.

do you remember Mr Squirrel from day 9
well I managed to get a clearer shot today!
I know only 1 picture is required but I took it today so thought why not!

also busy birdie Mr Robin came back for another visit
picture take by daddy2five aka Mr Dodd

Monday, 16 January 2012

DAY 16 16th January

Kobi doing what a springer does best, sniffing & entering dense bushes! my husband this morning informed me that the dog was going insane last night trying to get at whatever was lurking in the bushes in my back garden. My back garden is pitch black at night unless the moon is high in the sky so he could not see a thing. This morning when Kobi went out for his morning business he headed straight to the bushes & was circling them trying to get in, I have been out with a torch but can't see anything and he managed to get so far in to investigate. I suspect it was a hedgehog because a fox would of tried to protect itself & what ever it was has now left because Kobi had his nose to the ground scent tracking all over my garden.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

DAY 15 15th January

a gorgeous leg of lamb cooked to perfection by my mother in law 
yum yum yum 
no wonder Madison doesn't like sleeping at her dads on a Saturday because she misses out on this.

Day 14 14th January

my fur baby Kobi an ESS relaxing in his favourite place under the coffee table.

DAY 13 13th January

slightly late posting

Think we need some dribble bibs

Thursday, 12 January 2012

DAY 12 12th January

My summer project 
yes little old me is only attempting to grow her own 
wish me luck because I am so going to need it.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

DAY 10 10th January

My image today is of the moon this morning, my daughter had just set off for school when she came running back in telling me the moon was great, and I should take a picture. You can also just make out some sheep in the field.

Monday, 9 January 2012

DAY 9 9th January

Mr Squirrel was racing through the trees this morning 
sadly it is not the best shot, so I will keep trying to get a great shot of him 
also little Robin keeps coming back which makes me smile must be his territory. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

DAY 8 8th January

My happy baby Rhian enjoying a splash in the bath 
this was taken just after having water poured over her head. 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 7 7th January

I fully edible butterfly decoration for a wedding cake I am making
complete with edible diamonds that are a pain to work with, 
just need it to dry so I can finish it. 

Mummy matters week 2012

Do you have a burning Question you would love the answer to? if you do you could get the answer read below.

Between Monday 9th & Friday 13th January 2012, a team of the UK’s leading lifestyle experts will be sharing need to know advice on a range of subjects as well as answering direct questions from the Sudocrem Facebook community.

Each day will host a different expert (as outlined below), who will share around 20 key pieces of advice and answering questions on their subject throughout their allotted day.

Sudocrem would love for all Mums to join the Sudocrem Facebook community (www.facebook.com/Sudocrem) and get involved by asking questions directly to the experts.

Ask the Experts
  • Monday 9th January 2012 - Jennifer Liston-Smith (Executive & Maternity Coach)
  • Tuesday 10th January 2012 - Claire Wylde (Dietician)
  • Wednesday 11th January 2012 - Jo Barnard (Careers Advisor)
  • Thursday 12th January 2012 - Wendy Powell (Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert)
  • Friday 13th January 2012 - Beth Goodrham (Personal Stylist)
What an amazing opportunity to get some expert advice, I would personally ask Jo Barnard which would be the best path for me to follow my dreams of becoming a photographer without having to attend college full time.
I would also like to ask Claire Wylde what food are great for gaining weight(yes you read right I would like to gain weight) but that are not unhealthy.

Friday, 6 January 2012

DAY 6 6th January

Little Robin Red Breast
 I was sat lounging on my sofa when I spotted the Robin through my window, so I grabbed the camera and managed to get this image (proud moment). We have recently moved and we are very fortunate that our new location is right on the edge of a village. We have farmers fields right in front of our house which means our garden is now full of wildlife, and I love it. I am a huge nature lover and yes a little Robin may not do anything for some but I love seeing them, and I hope to pass on the love of nature onto my children.

DAY 5 5th January

ok so I am posting this 1 day late due to internet problems

a very sleepy looking Rhian
This is today's image because she is mentally torturing mummy! she now has this skill fine tuned, much to my dismay. Just as I am about to enter that world we all love of deep sleep she will let out a little cry, as soon as I lean over to check she falls back to sleep.

1 triumphant baby v 1 sleepy mummy 
   1 point                      nil point

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

DAY 4 4th January

My brother left a whole tub of twiglets at our house over Christmas, and I thought they was going to go to waste because nobody likes them, or so I thought. Thomas happily munched his way through the contents of the tub without gagging...just the thought of them makes me gag!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

DAY 3 3rd January 2012

Madison with a hot chocolate tongue

Right before Chelsea spilt hot chocolate over herself and Tristan decided to knock Madison's full cup of hot chocolate over resulting in a pj change for him and a hot chocolate stained cream sofa for me! 
would it be cruel to go back to sippy cups for them all?

Thomas & his hair cutting Quirks

Thomas is in desperate need of a haircut, I fear I may lose him under his every growing head of hair! But the hairdressers is closed till Friday. If it was anyone of the other kids it wouldn't matter I would just take them to a different hairdresser to have it cut, but because of Thomas's condition he hates change, not many hairdressers will understand his quirks. We have to prepare him for a hair cut, we have to ensure he is medicated so is relatively calm, as calm as a child with ADHD can be anyway!. Then it has to be his Dad that takes him & not me  because he is far worse if I am with him. Once at the hairdressers he needs constant reassurance that getting a hair cut won't hurt him, the hairdresser must say about 20 times that it won't hurt. Then he has to be able to touch the graders himself to check they are not hot, once he is satisfied only then can the hair cutting begin. The hairdresser then has to be on guard for random head movement from him or him throwing his hands up to his head (I don't want him to lose a finger like his dad). All in all it must take a good 30 minutes  just to get his hair cut. We go through this every single time, normally he is taken on a midweek day when he is on school holidays so we know he will be able to be medicated, and the hairdressers won't be busy!.
I think this week he will have to have it chopped on a Saturday and just hope that the hairdressers is empty.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Project 366

I am a little late in joining, well 1 day late to be exact so as I am starting today I shall include 2 images in this post.
What is Project 366 well you simply take an image every day and post it, then at the end of the year you will have a whole year of images to look back on. This year is a leap year so we have an extra day. Now I just need to remember to take an image each day and post it.

this is my favourite xmas card of 2011
my boy Thomas

Today's image is of  Rhian because she cut
tooth number 2 

New Year Resolutions-break or keep them?

New year brings new Resolutions, but do you keep them? I admit I am totally rubbish, I either break them or don't bother to make them. This year however I have made one that I intend to keep, the resolution I made is not not become a mummy2six by creating another little person, the reasons why-

1 Because having five children is more than enough.
2 We have no room, ok so I could make room but it would be a squeeze
3 I eventually want to be able to go on holiday when I wish, not when the school holidays decide
4 My blog is mummy2five so it would work haha

Now this is going to be really hard to keep because I get broody just at the thought of babies let alone setting my broody eyes on one, Get sterilised I hear you say.....sound so simple doesn't it....Wrong! I am petrified of having an operation and I know It will just make me want another even more.
Sending the hubby for the snip is out of the question too, he tells me he is going out with everything intact and with every part that he came in with.....I think he forgets he has lost about 2cm of 1 finger!

So I am left with willpower alone to keep this my big 2012 New Year Resolution.
Do you intend to keep all you Resolutions this year?