Thursday, 24 November 2011

Proud Mummy Moment

This week we received Tristan's first ever school report, the scoring was a little worrying because the children was given a score of 1,2,3 or 4 for each 1 being 18-24 months level, 2 = 24-30 months, 3 = 30-36 months and 4 = 36-48 months(3-4years).It was based on an on-entry assessment into nursery. Tristan's scored a 1 for reading and writing which put him at the age of 18-24 months so you can imagine this was worrying considering he is 3 and half yet he scored a 4 for physical with the comments "Tristan is able to confidently thread beads onto a string" and "Tristan is able to catch a large object (ball) between his arms and torso" so last night we went to parents evening with lots of questions that we wanted answers too. Well it came our time to hear how our son is progressing and he is doing brilliant, the scoring system is done by people who don't teach and don't come across the children. Tristan scored a 1 in reading and writing because he has not yet chosen which hand he prefers to use that is how silly the scoring is. Tristan is average-above average in all of the categories and has settled perfectly into school life. He even scord a level 6 putting him at 5-6 years for the social part in personal, social and emotional category which was music to my ears because when he had just turned 2 the health visitor at flying start was trying to push me and my husband into putting him into the free nursery placement when he reached 2 and half, I did not have too much of a problem because all my other children went into a nursery setting early due to work commitments but my husband was set firm, Tristan was not to attend free day care whilst there was somebody at home to look after him, the health visitors argued that it will be good for his social skills and teaching him it's ok to be away from mummy and daddy she made it sound like we was holding our son back because we would not allow him to attend and she always left the application form. So to see he is a well adjusted boy who is developing at a perfect rate was really good to hear and when I asked if there was anything we could be doing at home to help him and she said keep doing whatever you are doing because you are obviously doing it right. My boy is a pleasure to teach. So today when he finishes school he is going to the shop and picking an ice lolly for being such a star

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  1. Well done Tristan!
    But really Joanne....did we ever have any doubts?
    You only have to spend two minutes with him to realize how bright he is
    Love and Hugs
    Deb x