Friday, 4 November 2011

John Crane teams up with Sevi

If you like wooden toys you will love this
teams up with 

John Crane likes to bring us quality wooden toys for excellent value, wooden toys are excellent for allowing our children to explore their own imagination, I love to see my son Tristan playing with wooden toys because each time he plays there is always a new way that he interacts with them he loves nothing more than exploring the many new adventures he can achieve with wooden toys, so I was delighted to hear that John Crane will soon  have Sevi products for our children to enjoy.

Sevi have been around for almost two centuries in its devotion to wood and the success of Sevi is down to its design, quality, commitment to professional service and the hundreds of satisfied customers.

Sevi – a history...
1920 – At the beginning of the 1920’s Sevi excited the local market with their small, hand made masterpieces.
1930-1940 – To keep up with a now growing market, new machinery was purchased to support the craftsman’s skills.  Automation did not affect the high quality of Sevi but enhanced it.
1950-1960 – The booming economy lead to a new craze of giving children small ‘surprise’ gifts.  Inspired by this Sevi continues today to producing not only toys but objects that express the warmth, wonder and friendliness of a child’s world.
1970-1980 – This was the brands boom years with new characters born – the Happy Clown is still in the line up today, reborn in the newly styled Le Cirque collection
1990-2000 – Sevi is acquired by the Trudi Company in 1998, remaining faithful to it founding principles and values; Sevi continues in hand crafted wood, caring for detail and dynamic creativity.  Stringent safety testing is applied to all products and Sevi was awarded UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in 2001.
2010 – Sevi chooses John Crane Ltd to distribute to retailers in the UK, and a strong wooden partnership is born.

So what can we expect 

My son would love this to add to his collection of tools to help him fix things and do the DIY in our house 

My kids will be able to make me some fantastic meals prepared on this 

Then once our meals have settled they will be able to get creative and play us some music on these fabulous wooden instruments 

you can find John Crane on facebook and twitter or follow their blog

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