Wednesday, 30 November 2011

22 year old lego passed down from Father to Son

A few days ago my Husband thought it was time to pass down one of his most treasured toys down to his Son, my son is now the proud owner of a 1989 Black Seas Barracuda lego pirate ship.
Black Seas Barracuda 
My husband received this as a Birthday Present when he was around 9 years old. My mother in law recalls him spending hours carefully putting each piece together taking great care to make sure each piece went in the correct place. Once the pirate ship was complete he then went on to spend hours upon hours playing, and creating adventures of his own with his pirate ship. To think he put this together when at the tender age of 9 shows he must of had great patience as a child. When I think back to when I was around the same age there is no way I could of possibly sat down, and put this together, I would of lost patience put it back into the box and gone out to play.
Lego gold Deblume

Barrel of swords
What amazes me not only did he keep this built for 22 years, he still has all the pieces, and many of them are tiny from the treasure chest full of gold deblumes to the barrel of swords all are perfect. The figure head still sits in pride place on the bow of the ship, the hinged stern still opens smoothly to reveal the Captains cabin, and what ship would be complete without the pirates parrot.
the figure head at the bow of the ship

When my son excitedly sat at the table with his hands over his eyes knowing he was to be given a special toy that gave his dad hours of fun was a fantastic moment. Tristan has an amazing imagination so I know he will soon be sailing the seven seas as a one legged Captain or he will play the role of a pirate counting his gold deblumes.
the hinged stern pulls down to reveal the Captains cabin

Hopefully Tristan won't decide to take it apart because the instructions are no longer with us. To put this back together from memory will be a real task, and only a task my husband could do.
the ships parrot
I hope that Tristan loves his pirate ship as much as my husband did, and I hope it takes him on many magical adventures that only a child can create.
Pirate ready for action 

In years to come when Tristan has been on every adventure possible with his ship mates I hope he follows in his dads foot steps, and carefully puts his Black seas pirate ship away, so he can then pass it on to his children so it can give another child hours of fun
the 4 canon sit waiting ready to fire their canon balls
The stern of the ship

Have you passed anything down to your child that you treasured as a child? My husband recently gave Tristan 3 wuzzles, and still has Thundercat toys ready to give to him. I would love to hear your stories


  1. Awwww that is so lovely :) I have kept 2 of my favourite dolls that I had to pass down to Emily when she's old enough. I also have my beatrix potter collectors items that I want her to have in time too :) x

  2. aww I bet she will adore them, I kept a stuffed donkey in overalls, that is all I kept. I was not a girly girl I was always out playing getting covered in mud or climbing trees

  3. I love Lego me and my bro had loads of it as kids and put everything together the way it was ment to be, no messing around with it lol xx

  4. I don't remember having any when I was little, I was too busy climbing trees and making tree swings. I was amazed when my husband told me he had kept his all this time.