Thursday, 15 September 2011

Welcome to the mad house

Being a mum to five children life can be hectic and nothing is more hectic in my home than when the children come home from school. My children are 11, 9, 7, 3, and 14 weeks old and the eldest 4 are all of school age and all located at different schools. My 9 year old has global delay and A.D.H.D so attends a special needs school. 

An hour or two of my life
Its 14:50 and the madness begins, I had planned to take my baby out in a carrier I've been given to review to pick up my youngest two but she had other ideas and decided to demand the white stuff a little earlier than her feed was due, so that left my husband to go out to do the school run alone whilst I fed our baby.
15:05 I was in the middle of winding our baby when my husband runs in with our 3 year old saying he needed the toilet quickly, then  quickly runs back out of the door to collect our 7 year old from school, this left me with a baby that needed winding and a 3 year old who has only just become toilet trained bursting for a wee, it’s a good job I can multi task because I had to balance the baby and wind with 1 hand whilst with the other trying to get my son to go to the toilet who was refusing because he wanted to go back out with his dad, in the end it turned out he was not that bursting to go after all.
15:10 baby winded and happily sat in her bouncer giving me both hands free to change my 3 year old out of his uniform ready to be washed. It took a little longer than usual because all he wanted to do was play in the box that our new car seat had come in earlier in the day(review on that once I have tested it) how much fun can you have with an empty box? Loads apparently he would hide in it jumping out every now and then shouting special delivery, he dreams of being a postman when he is older.
15:25 In comes my 7 year old followed by my husband just as I finally get our 3 year old dressed, apparently 7 year olds also like empty boxes so they are both sat in this box surrounded by toys when in through the door comes our 11 year old, she comes in telling me all about her day before she has even taken off her shoes and piles me up with letters from school and her homework books, she too then goes over to the box(what is it about boxes and kids).
15:45 I run upstairs to get the eldest 3 clothes to change into so I can get their uniforms in the wash, getting the last of their clothes I notice my son stood outside with his escort talking to the builders who are extending the car park, so I rush down the stairs to go and collect him, It only took me 5 minutes to get him inside after stopping him from trying to climb on the bollards then trying to talk to the builders again then back to the bollards, His medication had well and truly worn off for his ADHD  so he was back to his usual hyper self again.
Our house was then filled with a flurry of clothes being passed here, there and everywhere, all the children telling me about their day at the same time and all the kids taking their turn in the box.
16:30 Spaghetti bolognaise is placed on the table and our house falls quiet as we all tuck in. 
Today I learnt that an empty box will provide hours of fun but I bet not 1 of them will have it on their Christmas list this December.

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