Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday again

After 100’s cups of coffee, 220oz of baby milk god knows how many nappy changes and loads of washing here we are, Sunday we meet again.
A week full of fun
We attended learn and play at my sons school to make games and things to enrich our sons learning, and I had so much fun this week we cut out and laminated matching socks and with these you could play  find the matching pair, discuss colours and shapes and also counting.
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Rhian was weighed this week and weighs a nice 12lb 10oz, we bought her a Lindham door bouncer which she loves and she made the move from 0-3 month clothing to 3-6 months clothes, she is growing so fast.
Madison attended her Violin audition on Friday so hopefully she will be starting violin lessons soon so I better buy those ear plugs to use until she can play a little.
Chelsea helped with her opening evening at school and we have been learning her welsh words, this week the words are
gyffrous (c)--exciting
ddoniol (d)--funny
ddifyr (p)--pleasant, cool
don’t ask me how to say them as I haven’t a clue
Tristan had fun playing with the wooden animals that we won from he loves playing with them
Thomas won the most stars this week for good behaviour so he won the prize of a toy helicopter
This weekend my brother and sister in law came for a visit, I love catching up with my family J my mother in law made yet another gorgeous Sunday lunch for us all, she is a fantastic cook.
Most of the home work has been completed and the tumble dryer is being put to good use. All that is left to do is iron the uniforms, get the kids bathed, get the younger children off to bed, help Chelsea to do the last of her homework then relax on the sofa.

Happy Sunday everyone xx

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