Monday, 19 September 2011

REVIEW-Tumblin Monkeys

aimed at ages 4+
2+ players

all my children including us enjoy playing this game, my son who is 3 is able to easily play it although he does think the object of the game is collecting the most monkeys so cheats a little. Its easy to set up and actually fits back into its box. Once set up all you have to do it put 2 of each colour sticks on each level, we get the children to do this because this helps hand and eye co-ordination, then place all of the monkeys on the top and roll the dice, the dice has 2 of each colour whatever the colour the dice lands on that is the colour stick you pull out starting at the top, once all the sticks have been removed the winner is the player with the least monkeys or in my sons case the winner is the player with the most which is usually him. This game will provide hours of fun for all we bought this game from toys r us                                  

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