Friday, 23 September 2011

REVIEW Savannah wild animals

picture from Le toy van web and my son with his toys using jelly babies as the people

I won this lovely set of animals from  
In the set you have a crocodile, a giraffe, a daddy lion, a baby lion, an adult rhino, and a baby rhino. The set are made from wood and are painted and have material for their ears or tails, they are strong my son has dropped them on the wooden floor a few times and no chips or breaks.
My 3 year old son really does love this set he has even named them we have Coco the croc, Rupert the rhino, Roger the baby rhino, Gareth the giraffe, Leo the lion, and lastly little lion. My son runs in from nursery and these are the 1st things on his mind he grabs them out of his toy box and sets them up on the dining table. I love them because there is no sounds or flashing lights they allow a child to use their imagination and get creative. My son has acted out lots of stories with this set, something he doesn’t do so much with his other toys that talk or flash. I think this set allows a child to explore and get really creative.

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