Thursday, 22 September 2011

REVIEW Lamaze P & G Kerry Fairy

What Lamaze say:
Kerry the Fairy will flutter with you everywhere...her portable clip
means take-along fun "on the fly". This plush toy's interactive
features include a multi-colored rattle and crinkle wings for endless
discovery play. High-contrast patterns stimulate vision. Perfect for
baby's first doll. 

Age: birth - 24 months

What me and my baby girl thinks:
Kerry the Fairy is our travel companion and is permanently attached to Rhian’s car seat so where ever we go she comes with us she is very colourful, her wings crinkle and on the back of them she has 4 different black and white patterns which Rhian loves to stare and focus on. She holds a little flower that rattles, great for grabbing Rhian’s attention when she has had enough of being in the car.
You can own your very own Lamaze P & G Kerry Fairy for £8.75

We love our Kerry the Fairy and is one of Rhian’s favourites
Which Lamaze toy is your babies favourite I would love to know so post a comment on which is you favourite x

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