Friday, 30 September 2011

WINNER Lamaze stretch the giraffe toy

The winner of stretch the giraffe is 

Jenna Keller
congratulations can you email me your details please

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday again

After 100’s cups of coffee, 220oz of baby milk god knows how many nappy changes and loads of washing here we are, Sunday we meet again.
A week full of fun
We attended learn and play at my sons school to make games and things to enrich our sons learning, and I had so much fun this week we cut out and laminated matching socks and with these you could play  find the matching pair, discuss colours and shapes and also counting.
Visit for 1000s of FREE teaching resources.
Rhian was weighed this week and weighs a nice 12lb 10oz, we bought her a Lindham door bouncer which she loves and she made the move from 0-3 month clothing to 3-6 months clothes, she is growing so fast.
Madison attended her Violin audition on Friday so hopefully she will be starting violin lessons soon so I better buy those ear plugs to use until she can play a little.
Chelsea helped with her opening evening at school and we have been learning her welsh words, this week the words are
gyffrous (c)--exciting
ddoniol (d)--funny
ddifyr (p)--pleasant, cool
don’t ask me how to say them as I haven’t a clue
Tristan had fun playing with the wooden animals that we won from he loves playing with them
Thomas won the most stars this week for good behaviour so he won the prize of a toy helicopter
This weekend my brother and sister in law came for a visit, I love catching up with my family J my mother in law made yet another gorgeous Sunday lunch for us all, she is a fantastic cook.
Most of the home work has been completed and the tumble dryer is being put to good use. All that is left to do is iron the uniforms, get the kids bathed, get the younger children off to bed, help Chelsea to do the last of her homework then relax on the sofa.

Happy Sunday everyone xx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

WIN a Lamaze stretch Giraffe toy

                                                  WIN a Lamaze stretch Giraffe toy

Here I have a Lamaze stretch Giraffe toy to give away to a lucky winner, here in my house we think Lamaze toys are fantastic and my daughter loves her Lamaze stretch Giraffe toy. For more information on this item click you can read my review of the Lamaze stretch Giraffe toy here

                                          ****So the all important information****
To enter
just like my page and comment on my wall saying “I want to win stretch the giraffe”
Or you can follow and tweet me!/mummy2five1 saying “I want to win stretch the giraffe”
Or follow me on my blog and leave a comment  on this post  saying “I want to win stretch the giraffe” and don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you
You can do all 3 if you like and will be entered into the draw 3 times


I will be allocating each entry a number then I will use a random number picker for the draw
Competition closes 2pm 30th September 

Friday, 23 September 2011

REVIEW Britax safefix-plus-TT

We won this car seat from after my daughter won the beautiful baby competition, we got to choose which car seat we would like and after talking to the safety guys at Britax we opted for the Safe fix-plus-tt because it has the ISOFIX system, pivot link system and the top tether.  To learn more about ISOFIX click
The product features are
ISOFIX systemanchors the seat directly to the cars ISOFIX connection points
Pivot link systemreduces the child forward movement within the seat
5-point safety harnesswith one pull adjustment

65 cm
46 cm
60 cm
12,5 kg

Group 1
19kg - 18kg
(9m - 4y)

The safefix-plus-tt has soft padded side wings along with performance chest pads. The harness and headrest are easily adjustable and the seat can recline into 4 different positions allowing your child to sleep comfortably. The cover is removable and you can also buy spare covers, summer cover, and a keep cool cover. A drink and snack holder is available to buy handy for your toddlers drink or snack on your journey.  The car seat comes in 8 different colour to suit everybody’s tastes to view colours click then click fabric options.

The fabric is very soft and the seat is well padded we tested this seat out with my 3 year old and he was snug but still had enough room for it to last him a while. The head rest stopped his head from flopping about whilst sleeping. Because of the fitting of the safefix-plus-tt it does not move about when you are driving round corners and my son has a much more comfortable car journey because of it. Fitting the car seat is really easy and the instructions on how to do this are clear and easy to follow, their is a netted pocket at the back of the car seat that is great for storing the safety information booklet that comes with the car seat. I highly recommend the safefix-plus-tt 
To buy this product click to find your nearest stockist
Join their facebook page

The image that we won with 

REVIEW Savannah wild animals

picture from Le toy van web and my son with his toys using jelly babies as the people

I won this lovely set of animals from  
In the set you have a crocodile, a giraffe, a daddy lion, a baby lion, an adult rhino, and a baby rhino. The set are made from wood and are painted and have material for their ears or tails, they are strong my son has dropped them on the wooden floor a few times and no chips or breaks.
My 3 year old son really does love this set he has even named them we have Coco the croc, Rupert the rhino, Roger the baby rhino, Gareth the giraffe, Leo the lion, and lastly little lion. My son runs in from nursery and these are the 1st things on his mind he grabs them out of his toy box and sets them up on the dining table. I love them because there is no sounds or flashing lights they allow a child to use their imagination and get creative. My son has acted out lots of stories with this set, something he doesn’t do so much with his other toys that talk or flash. I think this set allows a child to explore and get really creative.

Go to to find your nearest stockist 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

REVIEW Lamaze P & G Kerry Fairy

What Lamaze say:
Kerry the Fairy will flutter with you everywhere...her portable clip
means take-along fun "on the fly". This plush toy's interactive
features include a multi-colored rattle and crinkle wings for endless
discovery play. High-contrast patterns stimulate vision. Perfect for
baby's first doll. 

Age: birth - 24 months

What me and my baby girl thinks:
Kerry the Fairy is our travel companion and is permanently attached to Rhian’s car seat so where ever we go she comes with us she is very colourful, her wings crinkle and on the back of them she has 4 different black and white patterns which Rhian loves to stare and focus on. She holds a little flower that rattles, great for grabbing Rhian’s attention when she has had enough of being in the car.
You can own your very own Lamaze P & G Kerry Fairy for £8.75

We love our Kerry the Fairy and is one of Rhian’s favourites
Which Lamaze toy is your babies favourite I would love to know so post a comment on which is you favourite x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Review Lamaze stretch the giraffe toy

LAMAZE Stretch The Giraffe Toy

This is another of our favourites from Lamaze

 He has stretchy legs and knobbly knees. We use it on our daughters pushchair, car seat, crib and her play gym. It's from the Play & Grow range of baby and infant development toys.It will help stimulate your baby because its legs are stretchy and when pulled they jingle, rattle and crinkle. Squeakers in the body and feet to stimulate hearing. It has teething rings on it for them to chew on and has multiple colours and textures, there is an easy to use fastening hook to suit most pushchairs and prams. Suitable from birth. Measure 5 inches long, 12 inches tall and just under 4 inches deep. Machine washable.

age 0+
£6.49 another fab bargain

you can buy your very own stretch the giraffe here

Review Lamaze Octotunes toys

Well what can I say about Lamaze toys other than I love, love, love them and so does my baby girl

We have Lamaze Octotunes Toy Each tentacle plays a different note. Its very soft and colourful and will help teach your child the colours.It has different textures so is good for baby sensory. Octotunes is for children 0+ and it will last your child a long time as they can learn colours play tunes and babies love to just look at it.
I think its a baby toy must have
And is a bargain at £14.99 rrp £22.99 you can buy this at
0 months +

My beautiful babies x

my gorgeous children

Chelsea 11 Thomas 9 Madison 7 Tristan 3 Rhian 3 months

REVIEW Jo Tantum's 3 Step Sleep Set

                                                                 Jo Tantum's 3 Step Sleep Set

I won this item from 4little1 Baby nose-clear you can join them on facebook by clicking the link.
 The set consist of
Room Aroma
Organic Massage Oil
Hair & Body Wash

My baby sleeps more peacefully when I have used this as part of bed time routine they smell lovely but dont leave a strong smell on my baby and they are all 100% natural with pure and gentle oils so are very gentle on your babies delicate skin. I would recommend these products they can be bought from here and they are also offering free delivery on this item at the minute.
If you like the smell of lavender you will love them all!

you can also buy these items seperatly

room aroma
organic massage oil
hair and body wash

REVIEW Tommee Tippee Baby Products Milk Feeding Bib (0 months +)

- Easy to use Velcro fastening
- Avoids stains and smells on clothes
- Can also be used for teething
... - Unique dribble catcher – absorbs moisture

The ideal bib for your new arrival, super soft for sensitive skin it can help to eliminate rashes that are associated with milk feeding.

Comfortable foam cushions baby’s neck to create a unique dribble catcher, which absorbs any little leaks or spills.

I bought these bibs because my daughter dribbles lots and always ends up with wet clothes when feeding and i have to clean her neck each time. I found these bibs to be very effective the soft dribble catcher absorbs the milk preventing it from gathering around the creases in her neck or soaking her clothes through. The bibs are cream in colour and can be bought with pink/blue/cream edging, they also wash and dry really well and dont loose their shape. I bought these for £3 for a pack of 2 from,default,pd.html i think they are good value for money. you can join their facebook page here!/tommeetippeeUK

REVIEW-Tumblin Monkeys

aimed at ages 4+
2+ players

all my children including us enjoy playing this game, my son who is 3 is able to easily play it although he does think the object of the game is collecting the most monkeys so cheats a little. Its easy to set up and actually fits back into its box. Once set up all you have to do it put 2 of each colour sticks on each level, we get the children to do this because this helps hand and eye co-ordination, then place all of the monkeys on the top and roll the dice, the dice has 2 of each colour whatever the colour the dice lands on that is the colour stick you pull out starting at the top, once all the sticks have been removed the winner is the player with the least monkeys or in my sons case the winner is the player with the most which is usually him. This game will provide hours of fun for all we bought this game from toys r us                                  

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Welcome to the mad house

Being a mum to five children life can be hectic and nothing is more hectic in my home than when the children come home from school. My children are 11, 9, 7, 3, and 14 weeks old and the eldest 4 are all of school age and all located at different schools. My 9 year old has global delay and A.D.H.D so attends a special needs school. 

An hour or two of my life
Its 14:50 and the madness begins, I had planned to take my baby out in a carrier I've been given to review to pick up my youngest two but she had other ideas and decided to demand the white stuff a little earlier than her feed was due, so that left my husband to go out to do the school run alone whilst I fed our baby.
15:05 I was in the middle of winding our baby when my husband runs in with our 3 year old saying he needed the toilet quickly, then  quickly runs back out of the door to collect our 7 year old from school, this left me with a baby that needed winding and a 3 year old who has only just become toilet trained bursting for a wee, it’s a good job I can multi task because I had to balance the baby and wind with 1 hand whilst with the other trying to get my son to go to the toilet who was refusing because he wanted to go back out with his dad, in the end it turned out he was not that bursting to go after all.
15:10 baby winded and happily sat in her bouncer giving me both hands free to change my 3 year old out of his uniform ready to be washed. It took a little longer than usual because all he wanted to do was play in the box that our new car seat had come in earlier in the day(review on that once I have tested it) how much fun can you have with an empty box? Loads apparently he would hide in it jumping out every now and then shouting special delivery, he dreams of being a postman when he is older.
15:25 In comes my 7 year old followed by my husband just as I finally get our 3 year old dressed, apparently 7 year olds also like empty boxes so they are both sat in this box surrounded by toys when in through the door comes our 11 year old, she comes in telling me all about her day before she has even taken off her shoes and piles me up with letters from school and her homework books, she too then goes over to the box(what is it about boxes and kids).
15:45 I run upstairs to get the eldest 3 clothes to change into so I can get their uniforms in the wash, getting the last of their clothes I notice my son stood outside with his escort talking to the builders who are extending the car park, so I rush down the stairs to go and collect him, It only took me 5 minutes to get him inside after stopping him from trying to climb on the bollards then trying to talk to the builders again then back to the bollards, His medication had well and truly worn off for his ADHD  so he was back to his usual hyper self again.
Our house was then filled with a flurry of clothes being passed here, there and everywhere, all the children telling me about their day at the same time and all the kids taking their turn in the box.
16:30 Spaghetti bolognaise is placed on the table and our house falls quiet as we all tuck in. 
Today I learnt that an empty box will provide hours of fun but I bet not 1 of them will have it on their Christmas list this December.